An independent nation consisting of the former Canadian province of British Columbia, and the former American states of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Northern California is geographically a part of Cascadia, but is still American territory. Cascadia is a peaceful country that doesn't support America's militarism. Cascadia is also the richest country in the world and is permanently neutral. It's not a member of the UN or any other organization like NATO, NAFTA, etc. Cascadia also doesn't posses the political crap that is prevalent in Canada.
by Linkon Pocatello November 11, 2007
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The Region covering Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Also wanting to become its own country, and seceed from the United States. If so, it will be a nation of tree-hugging liberals.
Let's go to Seattle, Cascadia this weekend to attend the "Save the Pine Needles" rally. Then let's go to Portland, Cascadia to protest, because we are liberals, we have nothing else better to do.
by Rob September 5, 2004
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When the dense Juan de Fuca oceanic plate plunges beneath the North American plate resulting in rock-hard peaks and hot volcanic eruptions.
Steve: Me and Ashley are going to go FULL CASCADIA tonight. I'ma slide right on in to that subduction zone.
Jeff: ...
Steve: It's sex. We're going to do the sex.
Jeff: I hate myself for even knowing you.
by BananaStand55 June 12, 2021
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The Cascadia Subduction Zone (C.S.Z.) is a gigantic fault line off the coast of the Pacific Northwest. It is capable of pulling off a magnitude 9.0 earthquake and up as well as generate a ~100 ft high tsunami. Nobody cares about Cascadia though, because the San Andreas Fault down south keeps hogging all the glory. Do you remember what happened to Japan in 2011? Well if the most seismically prepared nation on Earth loses 20,000 people while the West Coast sits on this fault that 99% of Americans don't even know exists, let alone prepare for... We are in another dimension of screwed here.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, the C.S.Z is decades overdue for a large quake. (it's year 322 without a quake out of the average 223 year interval as of 2022) so... good luck sleeping tonight ;)

For the love of GOD, research this fault youself and get ready for what it can bring!
Portland and Seattle are up in flames, with a few skyscrapers missing, and coastal towns from Crescent City to Neah Bay might as well not have existed... But hey! I don't have to worry about those missing assignments anymore! Thanks a lot Cascadia Subduction Zone!
by bluetext February 15, 2022
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Cascadia is a country that has been invaded and occupied by the British, Spanish, Russians, Americans, Mexicans and Canadians since the 1600's. It prevails in its wishes for a greener planet and technology innovations while remaining a place of agriculture and beautiful scenery. It is currently split between the USA with Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, North California, and West Montana. Cascadia houses large company's such as Microsoft, Starbucks and Alaska Airlines. Cascadia continues to wish to be free with many accounts on Instagram preaching that Cascadian wish and promise.

Flag: The Douglas Fir
National Anthem: O'Cascadia & Cascadia Forever
Capitol (most said): Olympia
Cascadia is the country on the north pacific coast of North America.
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