So-called "internet celebrity" who's famous for having a very frequently visited MySpace profile, and has a face comparable to a pumpkin.
:O Halloween's coming up, better put Tila Tequila in my MySpace top 8!
by Another Helen C September 25, 2006
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A talentless dumb midget with fake tits and a giant fucking head whose 15 minutes of MySpace fame expired in 2006. She'll be stripping in Vegas by '08...
Yo, MTV gave that orange dwarf with the fetal alcohol syndrome eyes her own show?


Tila Tequila, yo!

What the fuck?? Wait, wasn't that dumb hooker "famous" for about 12 seconds last year just for having a bunch of douche bags friends on MySpace?

Something like that bro...I guess MTV ran out of souless rich blond bitches to film.


by Jay D. October 11, 2007
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An asian bisexual slut, who has tons of friends on myspace, that are obsessed with her too much. She is mostly famous for her Myspace page, or her show "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila", where she shows the world how horny she is. She also sings, but she isnt famous for that at all because she really sucks at it, and all her songs are either about stripping or how she wants to fuck people.
Tila Tequila is the best slut in the world, but the worst singer.
by CookingDevice December 13, 2007
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Also see Tila Nguyen, because that's her real name.

She's 26. She's too old to be "the next superstar".

There's no denying Tila's courage is admirable and all, but where will she be in ten years? She can't just do "sex sells!" and MySpace forever. Also, she is too slow.

Plus her hip hop skills are out of par.
by Vivien Mourier April 14, 2007
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