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someone that ain't a chigga but embraces the hip-hop culture and is from taiwan. Similiar to how the word chigga is created, but rather the ch- in chinese, it's the t- in taiwanese. There is a difference.
Guy1: Aiyo wuddup tigga
Guy2: Jus' chillin son
Guy1: Fo sho mah tig'
by DY - TigFoSho October 17, 2005
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Tigga is a another name for people from Tamil Nadu, India. The name stands for Tamil Nigga or Tigga...
Anurang, ur such a tigga dude.
Lassi why are you being such a tigga.
Macha look at that tigga...
by Onga Aaka Poole Sapdra July 06, 2009
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Ex. Person 1 :Yo what's good tigga?

Person 2 : Nothin much, chillin. How bout you tigga?

Ex. Damnnnnnn tiggaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!
by dreno95 February 07, 2010
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a word to use in place of 'nigga'. This word originated from the McTease Clan of Albuquerque, where dem niggas liked to sop all over the place.
Damn Crackroll, the Tigga be triflin'!
by Hanzeus November 04, 2003
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