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A word that comes from the sinhala language which describes a moment of disappointment . Commonly used by Sri Lankans as a substitute for words like damn it, oh shit, etc
Aiyo! I forgot to bring a packet of papadam when i went to the mall 路路路路路路 Aiiiiiyoooooo

Aiyoooo, I forgot to do my homework !!!

Aiiiiiyoooo what the hell is wrong with you maaaaan?

Aiyoooo! ! Did Somapala fall into the well again?
by nOTb1Nu July 25, 2016
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a chinese ( mandarin & cantonese ) term for when you are hurt or just an expression when you're annoyed, frustrated, surprised, etc.
friend: *hits you on head*
you: AIYOO!! wat was that for??D:<


you: aiyoo i have so much homework ...
by pieee69bleh March 01, 2010
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Mandarin Chinese expression of pain. Can be used in a multitude of situations, from papercuts (aiyoaiyoaiyoaiyo!) to long, drawn-out illness (aaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiyoooooooooo!).
Aiyo! Aiyo!

Aiyo! Aiyo!

Aiyo! Aiyo!
by Joseph Anchorhead December 17, 2003
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An ebonics greeting or interjection commonly used in the ghetto
"Ai yo man wassup!"

"Ai yo man, lez bust thiz joint, steal a watermelon, pick up some forties, and grab sum wingz at KFC."
by Freddy the Phisher November 25, 2009
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china man's saying for "dude this is fucked"

typically singaporean as it is directly translated into english; however it is often claimed as a general mandarin slang;

it is often expressed during mah jong, or a in a general complaints sort of way.
aiyo, stop touching ma woman!

aiyo, ur cock is bigger than mine

aiyo! what you so like thaT?
by ez dog June 08, 2004
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a greeting of couse, usually used as an outburst. sometimes used in a mellow tone
as an introduction.
Ai Yo Heavy! Get a dutch!

ai yo, I`m heavy what`s good?
by heavyset August 02, 2005
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