A word that comes from the sinhala language which describes a moment of disappointment . Commonly used by Sri Lankans as a substitute for words like damn it, oh shit, etc
Aiyo! I forgot to bring a packet of papadam when i went to the mall ······ Aiiiiiyoooooo

Aiyoooo, I forgot to do my homework !!!

Aiiiiiyoooo what the hell is wrong with you maaaaan?

Aiyoooo! ! Did Somapala fall into the well again?
by nOTb1Nu July 25, 2016
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Mandarin Chinese expression of pain. Can be used in a multitude of situations, from papercuts (aiyoaiyoaiyoaiyo!) to long, drawn-out illness (aaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiyoooooooooo!).
Aiyo! Aiyo!

Aiyo! Aiyo!

Aiyo! Aiyo!
by Joseph Anchorhead December 18, 2003
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china man's saying for "dude this is fucked"

typically singaporean as it is directly translated into english; however it is often claimed as a general mandarin slang;

it is often expressed during mah jong, or a in a general complaints sort of way.
aiyo, stop touching ma woman!

aiyo, ur cock is bigger than mine

aiyo! what you so like thaT?
by ez dog June 9, 2004
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a chinese ( mandarin & cantonese ) term for when you are hurt or just an expression when you're annoyed, frustrated, surprised, etc.
friend: *hits you on head*
you: AIYOO!! wat was that for??D:<


you: aiyoo i have so much homework ...
by pieee69bleh March 1, 2010
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Says the n-word over and over again. Has a lot of bitcoin money.
Damn he's such an aiyo.
by FrostyYeet November 22, 2021
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A word that can be used anywhere. Expressions like sad, cute, appreciating, happy, and sometimes just to look cute. Unless you belong to the south of India and the word actually means something to you. The word originated from south India and was marked by cute girls saying it to look cuter.
Aiyo my baby, what happened?

Aiyo, how did that happen?
Aiyo that's so cute.
Aiyo what to do now?
by JakeTyler9 February 27, 2023
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