A tier list is a collection of literally anything you could think of. A tier list must always be ranked from best to worst.
Hey Dude! Did you see that tier list on tumblr?”
by Jellyducky May 9, 2019
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a rankings list from F rank to S rank
it can be used for gaming, movie scenes, characters, almost ANYTHING
i made a tier list on the best and worst tracks in team sonic racing
by r0b3rt jr March 31, 2022
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A tier list is made typically to list how good characters in a fighting game are, typically sorted into tiers, like S, A, B, C, D, ect.
Fox and Falco are so bad tbh, im making my own Melee tier list
by opinionated smash player January 11, 2020
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Definiton Made by: Kénji Lescara
A System used across multiple apps such as Kik, Discord, and Amino for roleplayers. A Tier Level is the amount someone can type along with their grammar and construction of paragraphs.


T-6: One worders.

T-5: One liners.

T-4: Around 2-4 lines of text.

T-3: Around 5-8 lines of text.

T-2: A form of speed, or semi-paras.

T-1: ~200+ words, usually para or multi-para.

T-0: 2000+ words, usually lengthy multi-paras or storyline posts.

T-00: 20, 000+ words, Novella.

T-000: 200, 000+ words, Book RP.

T-X 1,000,000+ Words
"Hey dude what tier in the tier list are you?"

"Tier-1 why?

"nothing, Tier Roleplay is just hard to do, too much typing"
by Kénji Lescara June 20, 2019
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