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A combination of being both bored and tired, which commonly occurs during a boring ass class, and not enough sleep, also called being bored shitless.
Partying late on a Sunday, or just staying up at night on a school night batin or doing late homework can lead to this the next day in class.

Slope is calculated by measuring the height and the length of any part of the ramp. The slope is the. . .

Me: (stapling my eraser to form of a smiley face because i'm bored to tears)
by Boredhuh June 29, 2011

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tiered- A way dumb ass people spell tired
Texter #1- omg, im so tiered.

Texter #2- yea, im tired too.

Texter #1-OMG, way to 1up me, asshole!
by Boredhuh July 15, 2011

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