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Meaningless parlor game created in Victorian 1890's England in which the objective is to shoot "winks" into a cup. Commonly used today to disparagingly call something trivial and unimportant.
Guy1: Hey man I'm off to play a game of pickup volleyball at the park, want to come?
Guy2: Nah I'm off to play some tackle football, but you can call me when you're done playing tiddlywinks.

"I made 7 grand on the Google IPO, but that's tiddlywinks compared to what the Sergey Brin made."
by JamesMMMM September 11, 2008
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A very small amount, smaller than tiny...can be used the same way as; just a tad, a tidbit.
I wish it were just a tiddly wink cooler today.
by The Real BlueLove May 26, 2018
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A person of Chinese Origin. UK rhyming slang. Not a hugely offensive racist term, but can be seen as discriminate with none the less.
Chinese -> Chink -> Tiddlywink.
"look at all the damn tiddlywinks with their camera's"
by sammy_c August 29, 2007
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1. Exceptionally small and/or unattractive breast.
2. Breast with nipples that are the size of a dime or smaller.
When a girl yells at a guy about starring at her breast, inorder to down play her breast respond with "Girl ain't nobody looking at your little tiddlywinks."
by Ernest Jundis August 18, 2011
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Tiddlywinks is an indoor game played by men played on the floor or a bed. Players stroke their shafts until climax, thereby propelling semen, called "winks", into the air. The offensive objective of the game is to score points by sending their own winks into the "pot", the other players mouth. The defensive objective of the game is to prevent your opponents from potting their winks by "squopping" them: shooting your own winks to land on top of your opponents' winks. As part of strategic gameplay, players often attempt to squop their opponents' winks and develop, maintain large mouthfuls of winks.
John and I played a great game of tiddlywinks last night, I potted so much of my winks in him.

Tim loves playing tiddlywinks.
by deathbreakfast February 21, 2017
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A hand gesture involving mostly the index, middle and ring fingers moving up and down rapidly.

It is similar to a type of handshake.

The idea of "toesies" was brought about by tiddlywinks as well, but that gesture refers to the toes.
Ryan: Tiddlywinks!!! *makes gestures*
Jeremiah: Tiddlies! *makes gestures back*
Dani: Wow...really? Come on, guys. Grow up.
by JollyJ February 09, 2011
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A contraction or series of contractions of the anus caused by external stimulation, usually by a digit.
Bob gave Joe a tiddlywink when Joe fondled Bob's man hole.
by Peter Lin August 14, 2006
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