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Meaningless parlor game created in Victorian 1890's England in which the objective is to shoot "winks" into a cup. Commonly used today to disparagingly call something trivial and unimportant.
Guy1: Hey man I'm off to play a game of pickup volleyball at the park, want to come?
Guy2: Nah I'm off to play some tackle football, but you can call me when you're done playing tiddlywinks.

"I made 7 grand on the Google IPO, but that's tiddlywinks compared to what the Sergey Brin made."
by JamesMMMM September 11, 2008
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"Man fuck Donald trump, he wants to build a wall and don't pay taxes!!"
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A very small amount, smaller than tiny...can be used the same way as; just a tad, a tidbit.
I wish it were just a tiddly wink cooler today.
by The Real BlueLove April 12, 2018
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a game where you use a large plastic disc to flick smaller ones into a center area.
Use disc to flick winks into cup
by dragon mug May 21, 2019
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A hand gesture involving mostly the index, middle and ring fingers moving up and down rapidly.

It is similar to a type of handshake.

The idea of "toesies" was brought about by tiddlywinks as well, but that gesture refers to the toes.
Ryan: Tiddlywinks!!! *makes gestures*
Jeremiah: Tiddlies! *makes gestures back*
Dani: Wow...really? Come on, guys. Grow up.
by JollyJ February 09, 2011
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A contraction or series of contractions of the anus caused by external stimulation, usually by a digit.
Bob gave Joe a tiddlywink when Joe fondled Bob's man hole.
by Peter Lin August 14, 2006
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