Popping is a party dance and Funkstyle created by Sam Solomon aka Boogaloo Sam, out of Fresno, California in the mid 70's with the West Coast Funk movement.

The quick tensing and releasing of muscles, often the arms,legs,back,chest and neck which creates a POP effect is popping. Designed to be done on beat. see popping

Locking is a funk dance created at the early 70's by Don Campbell There was a dance that was popular at the time called the Funky Chicken. Don Campbell didn`t know how to perform this dance properly because every move he did, he used to "lock" his arms. Then the people would say to him: "Do the Lock, Campbell". He created some more moves and patterns and called his new dance "Campbellocking" or just "Locking" for short. see locking

Locking involves a lot of pauses, wrist rolls, bounces, and points.
-whatcha gonna do at the show
-the usual, bboy, pop and lock, just dance ya know.
by Mrboogie23 November 19, 2004
v. A style of breakdancing which involves short, rapid movement of the arms and legs (popping), combined with brief pauses between movements. Sometimes accompanied with subtle foot movements known as 'gliding' in which the breaker appears to move around the floor without using/lifting their legs.
Me: Yo! Check it out! There's some B-Boys poppin' and lockin' over there!
You: Hot damn! Let's go scope it out!
by Scotty June 30, 2004
Funk styles dance -
Using different musscle tensions to "Hit" on the beat.
Funk styles dance - Created by Don Cambellock Locking is a combination of sharp and loose energentic movements.
by Cisco Funk May 10, 2005
Technically TWO different styles of dance and therefore not a word, though both are considered funk styles. See first definition, it is the most accurate. Neither popping or locking are part of b-boying (breakdancing).
"Did you see her pop and lock?" "That was locking you idiot!"
by Spugy February 18, 2008
A reference to breakdancing or b-boying; popping and locking refers to bodily actions performed during breakdancing exercises, ie. popping of gestures and freezes and locking of joints to maintain a freeze position
"Hey how did you do that 360?"
"I just popped and locked it"
by V June 30, 2004
A dance movement which involves flexing a part of body (pop) to a certain beat. Pop and lock has nothin to do with breakdancing you dumbass
I pop and lock to the beat of the music.
by ad July 23, 2004
a style, perhaps considered 'dance', involving sharp movements of the body
When his turn came up, everyone could see his pop and lock was off the hinges!
by LiL KiM June 30, 2004