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when someone miss types thumb

you thubbed my girlfriend
you thubbed my girlfriend
by LGBT-FOREVER August 09, 2018
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(NOUN) A stubby thumblike protrusion, usually originating from the male groin, which acts as a substitute for a penis.
(VERB) To thub; to thrust with a thub, generally part of a sexual act but doesn't have to be.
by The Viking and the Whore February 24, 2009
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My H2 hummer is rollin/sittin on THUBS.
by Cad-E September 26, 2004
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The excessive skin located on the elbow, also called the wenis, referred to as such when being pulled on. See also Thubbed and Thubbing
Man, stop pulling my thub!
Dude, check out that girl's floppy thub.
by Clozer July 07, 2009
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