1. A word that actually means to drum one's fingers, or to strum a stringed instrument in an unskilled manner.

2. A word that is frequently misused to the point of cliché by amateur writers who think it's a hybrid of "throb" and "hum."

It isn't.
"The magic thrummed through his hands," the novice wrote, halfway though a uninspired first draft of a book that was driven by neither plot nor character development and yet would still be put in the hands of a jaded copy editor and published.
by CaesarK June 28, 2017
A thrum is just between a throb and a hum. It's used to describe the throbbing hum produced by extremely loud, most likely live, music at an underground rave.
"Can you feel the thrum?"
by ateenangel August 9, 2006
to thrum is the act of sticking ones thumb in anothers anal cavity and wiggling a little, either to pleasure or make a person very uncomfortable in your presense. Can be used intimately or as a form of socializing
Trevor and his boyfriend are thrumming enthusiasts and as a result both of them have loose bowels
by KingThrum September 1, 2008
The act of forcing ones thumb into a partners rectal passage, without the act being discussed or pre arranged.

There is a high chance that this act is will be made by a opportunist and stealthily approached.
"Hey Pash whats that over there?"
"oooooh my god what the fuck was that?"
"i just thrum boned you dude!!!"
by Titanium Ukrainian December 14, 2007
An erect penis quivering.
Rob made her squel when he poked her with his undulating thrum bobber.
by Rob Wilkinson November 4, 2005
Radical right followers of Trump and Make America Great Again. Intent on destroying(draining the swamp) of current US Government and reshaping the government into a inverted totalitarianism. An illusion of democracy while maintaining and expanding corporate oligarchy.
Thrums are attacking media as liberal liers .
by ChoochooWoman November 17, 2016