To contribute money to marijuana.
I'll throw down $5 for that sack
by d-unit June 25, 2003
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some boys were all up in our ish so we hadta throw down ta represent.
by Not Asian or An Etard July 15, 2003
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about to kick some ass like theres no tommorow
I asked josh if he wanted to throwdown, and all he said was that hes never refused.
by Masta Kim February 28, 2006
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To get involved in something, either suddenly or much more seriously than you were previously. This can be used in the context of many situations, including paying for something, having sex, or most commonly, to fight.
"Shit, we don't have enough cash to get in. Okay, everybody throw down."

1-"You wanna start something?"
2-"Fuck this, I'm throwing down on this fool."
by The BXRabbit September 28, 2008
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A major blowout or party. To have a great time and have others do the same.
We went to a major throwdown in Myrtle BEach
by J Largent May 29, 2008
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1) A Hardcore band.
2) A violent dance often displayed at hardcore shows.
1) I like throwdown. They sound nice to my ears.
2) There was throwdown at the 'Himsa' show. It was nice.
by Mortemer November 10, 2003
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