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A secret society that controls every part of the US government in MGS2.
Did you hear there is a group that rules the united states and controls the government?

shhhh, they'll hear you.....
by oswald the ninja July 21, 2004
BATMAN: One, What has yellow skin and writes
ROBIN: A ballpoint-bananna!
BAMAN: Right! Two, What people are always in a hurry?
ROBIN: Rushing people? RUSSIANS!
BATMAN: Right again, now, what would you say they mean?
ROBIN: bananna...russians...I've got it! Someone Russian is going to slip on a bananna peel and break their neck!
BATMAN: Precisely, Robin, The ONLY POSSIBLE meaning.
by oswald the ninja July 19, 2004
the most annoying character in the metal gaer series
Rose: oh Raiden i love you
Raiden: shut up bitch, im trying to kill people here!
by oswald the ninja July 19, 2004
one of the only super heros adored by radio shack patrons everywhere.
You go spiderman! - crazy guy from the radio shack ad
by oswald the ninja July 21, 2004
The famous magician Harry Houdini's little known of older brother, said to have dissapeared mysteriously. Whenever some one seems to have just dissapeared and you dont know where they are, they are said to have "pulled an Oswald"
Tim was here just a second ago, but he seems to have pulled an Oswald.
by oswald the ninja July 22, 2004
cereal where there is an ad in which Tucan Sam makes the gayest and funniest face of all time.
They got the fruit loops! (makes the face)
by oswald the ninja July 21, 2004
When one throws all the other characters in super smash brothers without being thrown himself.
Oh man, i just threw everyone. Thats another throwdown for me.
by oswald the ninja July 19, 2004