A gun dropped by police at the scene of a shooting to justify the killing of an unarmed suspect
the wilshire guys brought extra throwdown guns
by earle lee September 14, 2003
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When one throws all the other characters in super smash brothers without being thrown himself.
Oh man, i just threw everyone. Thats another throwdown for me.
by oswald the ninja July 19, 2004
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To drink excessively enough to have crazy fun, like hyphy. It can be with any type of alcohol, and usually ends in playing sick games.
'you get your isht done so we can throwdown for E's burfday tonite?' -Shep
'ya know it, brohan, I already got my 12-er for later' -Awesome
by themagichat April 18, 2007
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a "hardcore dance" performed at "hardcore" shows by a group of 3-6 bffl "hardcore kids" usually male.
it consists of:

->standing in a line, in the middle of a crowd waiting for the band to start.

->pushing everyone aside, leaving yourself space to look ridiculous infront of everyone you just pushed away with your toughshit attitude and the band you adore oh so much.

->possibly getting in a fight, or just displaying a tougher toughshit attitude towards anyone else who wants to have fun by moshing or jumping around - which looks less ridiculous than throwdown & engages more people to enjoy themselves, instead of standing there angry at you for making a fool of yourself -
** note: it's quite possible that the kids you've just pushed away/got toughshit towards, like the band just as much, IF NOT MORE than you do. **

2)throwing your arms around rapidly, as if you were once a part of the local swim team until your coach realized how terrible you looked doing the breast stroke.

3)kicking mid air like you were once a part of a karate team until your sensei realized how ridiculous you looked, period.

4)the occasional side flip like you're an ex-gymnist on cocaine.

this left you feeling angry at the world, causing you to get tuffmother fucker and have a cocky scene attitude towards anyone who can't throwdown like you can. because you are just omg so SxE HxC SCENExCORE tough shit.
"man, i can't wait to throwdown tonight. i am soo tough"
by michelle.xx May 27, 2006
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1. To each contribute money into the purchase of a drug or booze.

"hey, ya wanna throwdown on a 20 sack? Ive got 10 on it"

"I have enough for a fifth, but if you are willing to throwdown we can get a half gallon?"
by dave m w October 29, 2007
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dumb scene kids looking like idiots dancing to hardcore music by kicking, throwing punches, or pushing each other around
by Manda March 27, 2005
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