Much like that of Thirsty Thursday, it is a day to enjoy spirits and other intoxicating substances to prepare for the coming Friday generally with a group of friends you would spend Friday with. It may also include a sort of fight in the backyard or during the party hence the other meaning of "Throwdown." Lastly, everyone must throwdown some money for the booze, it's a BYOB without the hassle.
Hey man, you got money for Throwdown Thursday tonight?
by Dowsboys March 3, 2011
When you bang a girl on top of a high dive or platform above water while she is in backbend position, when you finish you grab the poor girl's legs and flip her into the water.
Troy: "Dude last night i snuck into the local pool, and gave my girl a pacific throwdown!"
Andrew: "Damn dude thats awesome!"
by ThekewlChaldofrmcentral September 30, 2009
When a male ejaculates into the air, catches it with an open palm, and throws it down at a female on her knees.
So last night I surprised my girl with a good old Mexican Throwdown
by DGibson March 4, 2011
I was going to get my transmission rebuilt at aamco, but i decided to order a double-throwdown unit from summit.

I tossed the shit speakers that came in my denali and got some double-throwdown infintys.

I was thinking about going to puke-Donalds for a big mac, but i went to In-n-out for a double-throw down value meal.
by jo mammy January 4, 2006
Having sex with someone as you feel sorry for them. Typically used when either instigator has just left a relationship.
'Ciara was a bit pissed jake left her, so I gave her a sympathy throwdown'
by Monty Bob June 23, 2007
a dance that originated from the hannah montana movie.
"let's do the hoedown throwdown, it's addictive!"
by sellybelly April 6, 2009