To furnish a newly acquired vehicle with Dayton Rims.
Rich Boy sellin' crack, broke niggas wanna jack, shit tight no slack, just bought a cadillac, throw some d's on that bitch
by Rich Boy October 31, 2006
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Soulja Boy uses the term in his song "Report Card". Stolen from Urban Dictionary...?
"I took out my report card today, I looked at it, I had all F's. I took it back to the teacher and told her to throw some D's on it."
by .Koniec September 23, 2007
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to suggest gang banging a girl.
Group of men encounter a hot woman.

"DAMN! Let's throw some D's on that bitch!!"
Translation: "Damn! let's all toss our dicks at her."
by mikeyROX May 21, 2010
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Originally in the aspect of putting Dayton Rims on an old car, the term has grown other aspects.

In all usage, the term is used to describe making something better with a bit of cash flow. Such things are used every day, from tipping a waiter/waitress so one may accquire good service, to putting money into one's computer network to make it better.
"I had to throw some D's at that sucker just so he could serve me"

"Man, that's one shitty cell phone... you aughta throw some D's at that, sucka!"
by MN Moore December 25, 2006
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In roller derby, to do some serious damage on the flat track Dairyland Dolls-style.
The Dolls arrived in the Windy City ready to throw some D's on Philly.
by sdh1234 November 06, 2010
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You know when you get your report card and you have straight F's and you just want to go to your teacher and be like, "throw some D's on that bitch!"
by Gemma13 March 06, 2007
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