(verb, noun) A method of torture to invoke as much physical or mental pain on a victim as possible. This can be a variety of actions, from deprivation of something dear to the victim, or the victim eating his own leg contained in a cardboard box.

The word originated as a variation of "throws" in a conversation between a Gondwarfian and an elf. Later defined as a method of forbidden torture.
Just the thought of the thros struck fear into the hearts of the villagers!

I will thros you into submission!
by Justin Gagen July 4, 2005
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Something that is considered tight or simply bad ass.
by ElJimb0 August 1, 2008
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Reggie: Mah dude, you gonna dive us back from the party.
Marcus: Nah nigga, im throed.
by rico_fiasco January 19, 2009
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mann fu did u see that new 2pac movie "ressurtion" it was thro dan a game
by vicktoria November 18, 2003
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My mom says I can't hang out with her anymore...she's a thro...

by the original thro December 9, 2008
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Throat yogurt.
Deviation of fro-yo but the act of swallowing one's throat yogurt.
Throat yogurt swallow
One night after work, John served Rebecca a heaping pile of thro-yo.
by Chazzzz123 December 24, 2011
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the act of throwing up and taking a poop while getting a blow job. You are excreting from all holes
by Anonymous February 27, 2003
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