to press press CTRL ALT and DELETE on your PC thus resetting it .. derived from the 3 fingers you use to press the buttons.
John:"Damn my computer has froze!!"
Dave:"Give it a three fingered salute!"
John:"But ill lose all my work..."
by Evil-Ernie June 2, 2003
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The art of closing down Microsoft Windows programmes that are pissing you off. by pressing Ctrl,Alt & Del. Repeat the experience to restart the computer.
The game was misbehaving so I gave it the three fingered salute.
by StarFox September 4, 2003
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three fingered salute is another name for CTRL+ALT+DELETE.


Windows 3.11 = blue screen prompt to restart.
Windows 9x = Applications-only version of Task Manager.
Windows 2000 = Lock PC screen
Windows XP Home = Task Manager.
Windows XP Pro = Lock PC screen
Windows Vista and 7 = Menu to log off, switch user, lock computer, turn off and Task Manager
Sam: Why this computer with Windows 7 will not unfreeze?
Robert: Try the three fingered salute.
by Rob215 June 21, 2010
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The act of pressing ctrl+alt+del on a computer to reset it.
The damn thing froze on me so I gave it the three finger salute.
by SirAstounding October 13, 2003
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Pressing Control-Alt-Delete on a computer keyboard to boot, reboot, or clear a program on the computer.
My computer stalled, so I have to give it the three-finger salute.
by pentozali January 29, 2009
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