When a woman has ridden to cock carousel for such a long time that she loses all ability to bond with a man. This shows in her eyes that have a unique kind of deadness, hollowness, and hardness to them. She's given up on love and is now cynically looking for a meal ticket.
"Man Amy sure looks dilapidated. I saw her pic on OkCupid."
"Yeah she had a lot of fun in the past, but now she's just another single mom with a thousand cock stare looking for a shlub to wife her up, heh."
by Kesselfieber April 13, 2017
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A phrase often used to describe the blank, unfocused gaze of a naturally promiscuous woman after riding the cock carousel for too long and who's now incapable to pair bond with a man. It's argued that this vacant gaze is typical of women with the emotional and psychological issues that correlate with excessive promiscuity. It's unclear if the emotional issues stem from the promiscuity, or vice versa.
John: Why does Steph look so empty and hollow in her pics?

Daniel: She had her fun in her 20s but now she cannot find a good man who will commit to her. Look at the thousand cock stare in her eyes.
by TheUrbanSchollar January 2, 2021
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