Thoughtlessness is a synonym of the word "nonsense", this word can be found in
Person 28371050038: *says something without any sense*
Person 28371050039: ...look, that's some kind of some thoughtlessness you got there...
by aidonnoumadud March 5, 2019
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A song written by the band KoRn. Its about when the lead singer,Jonathan Davis was in school and was constantly made fun of and him thinking of all the ways he could get revenge on the people (from the music video it appears to mostly be the jocks) it has inspired many people and they often say it describes their life (me being one of those people) the people who dont get it or understand it are usally the "cool" kids or kids that have never been bullied/made fun of. All in all, its a great song
Guy1:dude my life sucks

Guy2:here listen to this (puts on thoughtless)

Guy1:wow thats exactly how I feel and for some reason listening to that makes me feel better

Guy2:thats the power of KoRn my friend.
by JerZeyCJ January 2, 2010
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Someone that gives gifts without putting any thinking into it.
Shoppers overheard a rude thoughtless gifter say," They get whatever I buy them, their lucky they're getting anything."
by jpg3 December 20, 2014
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A person born of parents not married to each other, who practices mindfulness
You know Sandra and Daves youngest one meditates for an hour each day now? Yeah the couple who never married, lives three doors down that’s right. The kids a thoughtless bastard.
by Shambalicious May 17, 2021
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describing a person or act that is simultaneously well-meaning and breathtakingly misguided.
Oh, look! Auntie Quinn bought paint guns for all the kids. She is always so thoughtlessful.

You thought our designated driver looked tired so you sent her home? That was so thoughtlessful!
by tam'difido February 9, 2011
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