The dumbest fucking drug-related euphemism ever invented. It sounds pussy and scatterbrained, but hey, it is MDMA we're dealing with here.
What the fuck does thizz mean?!

Oh, you mean to say rollin??
by gooberliberation March 05, 2006
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the result of a combination of cultural and socio-economical factors leading to the production of a new offshoot of cultural bliss in irrational dangerous and amusingly eccentric behavior. One of many of such that suggest the Now's rejection of the western project, or the Modern Ideal of improvement, and instead an Acceptance and deference to the fragmentary Post.
Nah, I'm not going to go to work tonight, I'll be thizzin'
by hyphedoutintellect October 21, 2007
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an expresion of something totally haggared gnarly depending on the subject
that bum under the bridge was so thizzed out or damn sun those stunnas are all thizzed out
by thizzard the blu tounge September 25, 2007
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1) flipped outttt (aka gettin all geeked up on e)
2) chilln' at jesse long's (aka gettin all geeked up on e and not sleepin)
3) chelt muntin' it to the max
"man you shudda seen how THIZZed out jaypedz was last nite... guy was on like 15! screamin about champagne on his noggin' er som"


"you down to thizz? 3 for 20 bro"
by macdizzzle February 11, 2008
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Thizzing is when you drink alchohol and you ingest ecstasy. BE VERY CAREFUL! YOU WILL DIE FROM DEYHDRATION! DRINK WATER! But not too much otherwise your brain will swell up and cause a coma and death. So drink a glass of water every hour or less.
Dude: Why the fuck are your pupils so big?
Thizzing girl: Cuz...becuase...alchohol. No, i meant I AM ON ecstasy. Actually...wait...i am thizzing. THATS WHAT YOU CALL IT!
:note: severe loss of memory
by ASSFUCKERKILLSMOM October 03, 2010
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It is a combination of thicc and jizz. It describes the thiccness of jizz.
Damn, that some Thizz!
by Pseudpenis December 18, 2018
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