ecstacy usualy laced with meth/speed, gets you more amped and hyper "hyphy" then normal ecstacy liek the shit found on east coast. Thizz usually located on west coast, smae effects as mdma cept u dont halluciante or trip off it as you would with molly(pure mdma)
thizz lower grade ecstacy with more speed liek affects
by Caleeb Kweli June 01, 2006
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thiz is a mindstat. its a way of life. itz not bout the E itz bout the party lifestyle. is thizz is like hyphy but more upbeat & happier
heyy my niggawuzz crackin

o nuddin mann im just thizzin le im from thizlam
by babii girlll 1936 March 23, 2006
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poping at least 4/5 if u dont pop more than 4 then u dont thizz u beeziez
this wac nigga poped 2 thizz pills and was hella horny
by andre lewis[mac dre]hicks April 10, 2007
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A word for people who are borderline retarded, meaning MDMA or Ecstasy.
Joe: Dude, I was totally Thizzed out last night!

by ChemistryGuru February 09, 2014
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when a nigga pop sumfin fierce n git smaked out his fukin head .....if u aint goin dumb u aint thizzin tho
billy u tryin to smak a thizz pill 1 2nite....no tom i tryin ta smak 2 pills n git stupid!
by marcus nigga September 25, 2006
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thizz is what stupid fuckin retards do just cause they hear crappy ass rappers saying it in their crappy ass tracks

i doubt every one taking E these days took it before they started rapping about it.

"thizz or die" i hope all u followers DIE! for being so fukin stupid and following whats "in"

i cant wait till the day that rappers start wearing dildos on their heads cause i bet all u stupid fucks would do the same just cause they do it. lol
"Put a look on my face like I smelt some piss,
Bounce to the beat till it start to hurt,
Then I dust off the smirk off me shirt...
Dip to the ground as I catch the bass,
Then I wipe all the sweat off me face,
Hop back up then I start to slide,
Poppin' my collar as I glide,
Then I break the thing down
And do the bird,
Dust myself off like I just don't curr,
Come on everybody, now's the chance,
Fuck the Harlem shake
This the thizzle dance"

what kind of gay shit is that
by Informa December 01, 2005
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The dumbest fucking drug-related euphemism ever invented. It sounds pussy and scatterbrained, but hey, it is MDMA we're dealing with here.
What the fuck does thizz mean?!

Oh, you mean to say rollin??
by gooberliberation March 05, 2006
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