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Thizze Is A Name Giving To Only A Selected Few. This Name Take On Only To Those Who Have Proven Themselves Elite. Thizze Is A Very Enchanted Name. This Also Means Thizze Is A Very Dominate Male. Very Attracted By All Who Walkin Or Looks Into His Eyes. The Best Person In The Game. Only The Top Elite Can Take On The Name Thizze. Thizze Is The All Time Owner! Anybody Who Walks Into His Path, WILL Be Destroyed Without A Chance. If You See Thizze , You Bust Be Enchanted By His Glory, Respect, And Skillz. Thizze Can OWN Anybody And Everybody. Chuck Norris Has Nothing On Thizze! There Is Only 1 Thizze! If You Know Him, YOU ARE LUCKY! If You Cross His Path, You Signed your DEATH Wish!!!!
OMG! Look At The Guy Own, No One Can KILL Him. It Must Be Thizze!
by ThizzPimp21 February 23, 2010
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