someone who shows the quality of being wunnerful, faboolus, or otherwise perfect!
Ryan is so wunnerful because he left me a message!
by Amber-Lynn August 13, 2005
A particularly cute word used to describe someone who has surpassed the level of Wonderful.
Cody is probably the most wunnerful person I've ever met ^-^
by Kalawala May 9, 2009
a cutie patootie that is super sweet and nice (:
Woah shes nice, her name must be wunners.
by YEAH!123456789 February 3, 2009
A usually stupid, old, or douchey person who says that Gen one of Pokemon is the best and complains about the faults of the other generations of Pokemon.
MAT: *buys Gen one Pokemon starter t-shirt
BRO: *glares disapprovingly*
MAT: Dude wtf are you doing.
BRO: (WHISPERS) u dirty Gen wunner...
by artfoxMS April 6, 2015