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Doing/pulling a "Lou Dobbs" is going to Taco Bell.
It is named after the CNN anchor, Lou Dobbs, who nightly airs a special called "Broken Borders" on the immigration situtation between the United States and Mexico.
"It was late at night, nothing else was open; so I had to pull a 'Lou Dobbs.'"
by The Sad Clown Fish January 30, 2006
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Host of CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight, a daily news program with two main goals:

1.) To vilify illegal aliens and blame immigration for every conceivable problem facing America. This tactic is employed through Hannity-like discussions with guests about relevant issues where he mocks them for not realizing the inherent evils of immigration.

2.) To perpetuate the myth that a majority of Americans will unify under the political banner of an Independent Party and cock-tease his audience with the suggestion that he will run for President under that label. He does this by citing bullshit statistics such as: "51% of Americans are fed up with the usual politics of the Democratic and Republican Parties." He will then take that result to mean not that 51% of Americans will support 3rd parties such as Green, Libertarian, Reform, etc., but that they all want and will vote for an Independent Party, essentially undermining the fact that people who do not belong to the main two parties ascribe to a wide range of political beliefs; they will not all fall under the banner of a 3rd party simply because it is not Democrat or Republican.

Lou Dobbs also constantly shows off his capped teeth to his opponents with a shit-eating grin.
Lou Dobbs said on CNN last night that all these people are losing their homes because of too many illegal immigrants, and that if we only put up a huge wall along our border with Mexico that's guarded by snipers, all of our problems will be over. He then ended his show by suggesting that everyone who is not a Democrat or Republican will join an Independent Party, even though they don't all want the same thing.
by Doom03 October 08, 2008
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1. any supernaturally large deposit of human feces, exceeding all expectations of length, girth, and mass.
Dude, I just dropped a lou dobbs and I'm afraid if I flush we'll have to call a plumber

I pushed out a lou dobbs that got my whole back side wet.
by Heptard February 09, 2008
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verb: "to go lou dobbs"

to polemicize about two seemingly distinct political topics while refusing to understand how they are related.

named after from CNN anchor, Lou Dobbs, who rails against trade and illegal immigration without realizing they are connected.
High school debaters often go Lou Dobbs on the issues.
by AVoiceofReason June 19, 2006
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