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The concept where overweight and obese Tumblr users (usually white women, but not limited to race, gender, or sex) whine about how being fat is equal to the years of oppression similar to racism. More accurately, an ongoing game of sour grapes, wherein those too lazy to change themselves will instead blame society for the fact that they're missing out on all the best parts of life.

Many proponents of "thin privilege" also make claims that there are no adverse effects of being extremely overweight or obese.
400-lb woman: I can't fit into an airplane seat so I can't go to the All-You-Can-Eat Convention unless I buy two seats!

Friend: omg THIN PRIVILEGE!!!!

400-lber: Fat is a feminist issue! I can't help that I'm fat they're oppressing meeeee!! Oh hey pass the chips.
by thiniswin September 05, 2012
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In theory, this is the "privilege" that thin people earn for being thin, including not being perceived as lazy, lower healthcare costs, increased likelihood of finding a sexually attractive partner, increased earnings potential, and more. While all of the preceding examples may be true, it misconstrues the definition of privilege. Privileges are given, not earned, and the recipients and those without them can do nothing to change them. White privilege is a good example of that; either you're born white or you're not. Thin privilege, on the other hand, is often worked for by people who would otherwise be fat but instead eat right and exercise. Therefore, thin privilege doesn't actually exist.
Doctor: Ms. BBW, I'm afraid that if you don't start working out regularly and cutting down the saturated fat very soon, you'll likely be dead before you're fifty.
Fat girl: What? How dare you say that?!! THIN PRIVILEGE RACIST!!! There's nothing I can do about it, this is my body type! *Wolfs down a Big Mac.*
Doctor: How did you get a hamburger in here? Nevermind; did you know that about 100 years ago, obesity was very rare? Fast forward three or four generations. People live increasingly sedentary lifestyles, eat more, and the food they eat is higher in fat, cholesterol, and sodium. You're saying this is all a coincidence?
Fat girl: What do you know about science and medicine? I have a random article that proves I'm right! YOU CAN'T HANDLE MUH CURVES!!!
by iLikeSoup November 03, 2013
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A concept made up by a bunch of obese women trying to justify their weight and put shame on healthy people.
She keeps denying her "Thin Privilege"
by Ridjuxejsjsjjwksjdkkrkemsm October 09, 2017
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Where fat people blame anyone but themselves -- particularly those much skinnier than them -- for being greedy, lazy and all-round unhealthy slobs.
Thin privilege is having a low chance of developing diabetes and heart disease because of your choice of lifestyle.
by JizzySpunkbubbles July 06, 2014
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The state of receiving unearned social status, notoriety, workplace and academic merit, attention from prospective dating partners, media attention, and other perks from being perceived as 'thin.' Can also encompass greater access to healthcare, likelihood of attaining gainful employ, association with positive traits like being a good parent, person, or lover, accommodation in public and private transportation, and the ability to immigrate to New Zealand (check: there's a BMI limit) -- by virtue of being 'thin.'
#1: Thin privilege is not spending your entire life having people take one look at the size of your body and telling you that you can’t.

#2: Thin privilege is seeing a new doctor for non-weight-related issues, and not having to prepare, in advance, a long list of arguments and facts to present if your weight turns out to be the only thing they are willing to discuss.

#3: Thin privilege is not having your body type publicly humiliated in television shows like The Biggest Loser.
by Big Liberty October 10, 2012
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