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Girls that are a little bigger (but in a good way, and yes you all know what I mean). Serious producers of thicotine.
Come here you little thickums.
by thick-addict December 16, 2004
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One who is thick, beautiful, smart, funny, witty, intellegent, and who knows how to shake what her mama gave her to get a man.
by Thick'ums April 07, 2008
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A name/description for a person (usually female) who is “thick” especially in the buttocks.
Mel’s butt looked huge asf in those leggings, she thickums
by L_C123 August 15, 2018
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It could generally mean anything but has been narrowed down anything in the milky way galaxy.

Generally used to leave the subject of the word (the human, cow, roan cow, chicken, etc.) in complete disarray and ambiguity.
You should honestly just go thickum yourself
by ShaleemHaleemHD March 14, 2017
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