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A woman, typically African-American who has lots of curves in all the right places. One who is neither fat or skinny. She has pounding thighs and calves and has a full bosom. Because of this, she makes the opposite sex wag their tongues.
I don't eat rabbit food but I do my daily squats and walk around in a throw back skirt and a hanky-top... havin' all the sistah's hatin'and all the brotha's contemplatin', 'cause baby, I'm thick-a-licious.
by 2ndcitykitty September 22, 2003
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A term used by:
-Girls who can't accept the fact that they're overweight.
-Guys who don't want to admit that they're attracted to fat girls.
-And anyone who's in denial about the fact that America has the highest obesity rate in the world, so we invent asinine terms like this so that fat people think it's ok to be fat, and pretend to be happy about being fat.
That girl calls herself "thickalicious" but her BMI (body mass index) tells us that she's "clinically obese". She should stop living in denial, go on a diet, and use the money she saves on food to buy some jogging shoes or a stairmaster or something.
by klopek007 May 19, 2008
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A word concocted by some fatass who wanted to feel better about him or herself.
I'm not fat, I'm just... thickalicious.
by Taradactyl December 02, 2003
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