a short and fat girl who is always is in a rush. she pushes you if you get in her way. she is short and fat. lets just say you don't want to get in her way. she also has an acomplise named little thick its her little sister and when their to get her its over.
watch out thick is coming down the hall.
man look at thick blow through everyone.
by theasjdhskfdk May 18, 2008
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A woman who has a nice shape with ample curves, and definitely not fat. They're usually around 36-24-36; measurements of a perfect video girl. If their isnt at least a 10 waist to hip ratio, she isnt thick. Shes just a fat woman in disguise.
man 1: did you see that woman passing by?
man 2: which one?
man 1: the cute thick one.
man 2: yeah. she got it in all the right places.
by hollisterboi July 28, 2010
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1. really cool or dumb. 2. many or hard. 3.big
your very thick today
by jack bobby/ November 24, 2007
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1. A woman with healthy, curvaceous and attractive features surrounding a woman's reproductive region, especially including enlarged buttocks, voluptuous thighs, big legs, and wide hips. This is usually in contrast to a relatively slender torso, resulting in a high hip-to-waist ratio and establishing an aesthetically fertile sexual profile.
2. A woman with a gratuitous amount of fat prominently located within her hindquarters, buttocks, and thighs in contrast to her upper body. A physique that is highly coveted by many women.
3. An incorrectly defined slender woman or anime character that should be defined as skinny, average, or thin. Ergo, not skinny, not average, not slender, not fit, and not slim. Such characters are usually depicted as wearing thigh-highs - aka zettai ryouiki - which enhances thin thighs by squeezing fat surrounding it and falsely suggesting additional curvaceousness where there isn't.
1. "She can make her ass clap so loud just from bouncing up and down. That girl is hella thick!"
2. "That girl is thicker than a bowl of oatmeal!"
3. "Anime characters are usually very skinny, tall, and not thick at all."
by lewdnano May 30, 2020
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Sensibly large object with decent size. Could be referring to an ananomate or a living object
That tree is very thick, his arms are thick
by Cool maggots December 15, 2017
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when a but iis bigggggggggg
by thickkkk February 25, 2020
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