htrn: It waz them! They did it!
by daDebil March 1, 2004
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The one who you can't get off your mind. The one that you can't imagine not being in your life. The one that, even though they hurt you, and cause you more pain than you even knew was possible, you still stick around, begging for more. The one that is pure perfection yet rotten to the core; bringer of hope and despair, my Naegi and Junko. The one who shoves you away, no matter what you do, not knowing you will never give up. The only one you will ever care about. The only one you can love
I miss them...
by felix the fish December 3, 2020
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me: who, me?
you: no. them.
by Rainy Pot October 26, 2020
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Used to describe someone who identifies as Nonbinary or someone who feels as if they do not belong in the pronoun groups of He/Him/His or She/Her/Her's
"My friend recently came out as Non-binary, luckily their parents accept them as who they are! So make sure to use They/Them/Their when you talk to them."
by BettyTheYandere June 12, 2018
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A set of Pronouns most commonly used referring to multiple people or a non-binary individual
“They went to the church but will be back soon”
“Can you tell them that they need to do the chores?”
“Alex’s new pronouns are they/them
by Fennwiffthehomo March 16, 2021
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Contraction of "Those are".
Thems the bastards that took my cake.
by cudmaster April 27, 2008
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they/them pronouns fucking exist please stop fucking using

her/him (insert rest of the sentence here)
she/he (insert rest of the sentence here)
if you don't know their damn gender just use they/them
P.S. if youre are one of those people who only use they/them pronouns when you don't know their gender, but when you fucking meet them and see how they present themselves you automatically assume their gender right then and there,

by this isthename April 11, 2021
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