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a character driven film directed by paul thomas anderson and based on the 1927 novel "oil!" by upton sinclair. daniel day-lewis plays the lead "daniel plainview" and gives his usual "oscar-caliber" performance is known for giving as he only seems to act in 2 films every decade. plainview on the surface seems like a simple man trying to get rich off the oil business but when his motives are questioned by a young evangelical preacher (played by paul dano of little miss sunshine) in a small california farming town we soon see another side of him. much more than just a fierce competitor and entrepreneur he doesn't want to just be the best, he wants to see no one else all costs. the film documents his decent into madness spanning nearly 30 years from 1898-1927. it is an allegory on consumerism versus faith. it has some of the best character development since taxi driver.

unfortunately i have a feeling this movie will only be remembered by some people for a specific line of dialog "i drink your milkshake! i drink it up!"
guy: i wanna see that movie where the guy says "i drink your milkshake!!!"

me: it called "there will be blood" and if that's the only thing that interests you in seeing this film...don't bother. it's nearly 3 hours long and a character driven period piece. you are much better just watching that clip over and over on "you-tube" and saying it to your friends until you bore of it. because you will most like be bored by this film. i also recommend you go watch napoleon dynamite will have many more quotables for you!
by dr. steve brule January 21, 2008
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A phrase use to indicate you will banging a female virgin tonight. Alternatively, although rarely, it can be used by a female virgin who intends on loosing her virginity tonight.
GuyA: Hey, where you going?
GuyB: ...there will be blood
by KillTheWhales August 10, 2009
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