Possibly the best use of plastic in the world is making copies of Amnesiac, for it is so fucking good.
Words cannot describe Amnesiac, because it is better than letters.
by Seenus September 17, 2003
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Yet another incredibly fucking awesome album by Radiohead. Released in 2000, this album was slightly more rock driven than Kid A, but still had some eccentric yet amazing, techno-electronica-experimental songs.
by Radioheadfan September 29, 2003
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I've had a shit day, I think I'll go listen to Amnesiac.
by arsia September 5, 2003
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A person who knows before hand what they will forget.
Dude: I am telling you Jerry, I will forget my keys on your dresser.

Jerry: Oh Dude, you're such a psychic amnesiac!
by XxmarkoxX July 20, 2011
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When you forget what gender you are while having sex.
He had amnesiac sex because he forgot his gender
by dunny's dictionary November 30, 2018
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A person (most likely a woman) who is so politically absorbed that they lose the ability to think critically.
The View minus Whoopie, as well as people like Rachel Maddow and Nicolle Wallace are so politically absorbed in our political and media culture that they became a party of amnesiac groundhogs. To be fair to the women, there's one guy who fits that description: Chuck Todd.
by Sexydimma April 2, 2022
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