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A person who only gives advice to another while blacked out drunk.
Cody: What should I do about her?
Jon the drunk: Kill her man. Kill her.
Cody: Your such a great therapissed Jon
Jon the drunk: Cheers to beers!
by Newoikkin July 26, 2004
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being rly mad at a therapist.
therapist: bob, you dont seem to to be happy with me right now.

bob: ur right. im not happy. im therapissed!
by meowmix26 July 31, 2011
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When you piss off your therapist, (s)he becomes TheraPISSED.
1. I haven't paid my therapist in three sessions and I don't have today's check... she's gonna be TheraPISSED!
2. One therapist to another: "that (borderline; sociopathic; narcissistic) client got me theraPISSED!"
by BA** December 18, 2018
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