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a person that tastes tongues.
Person1: OMG i just got a new job!
Person2: Well, what is it?
Person1: Im a tongue taster!
Person2: ...
by this isthename April 18, 2021

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a word commonly used by The Boys🥵🥶😈 to say something is stupid
(when you tell them that it is very offensive to neurodivergent people, they get real angry at you for no reason at all because they don't wanna be a decent human being.)
Guy1: Bro, stop acting so retarded!

Neurodivergent people as a whole: Bro wtf is wrong with you.
all we ask is for you not to disrespect whole ass generations of neurodivergent people, maybe you can AT LEAST say something else like, stupid, idiotic, e.t.c.
by this isthename April 11, 2021

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they/them pronouns fucking exist please stop fucking using

her/him (insert rest of the sentence here)
she/he (insert rest of the sentence here)
if you don't know their damn gender just use they/them
P.S. if youre are one of those people who only use they/them pronouns when you don't know their gender, but when you fucking meet them and see how they present themselves you automatically assume their gender right then and there,

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by this isthename April 11, 2021

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