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Someone who claims the existence of a deity.
by BryanJ October 19, 2003
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Solarpunk is a literary movement, a hashtag, a flag, and a statement of intent about the future we hope to create.
by wix99 September 20, 2016
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A theist is one who believes in a diety. This is not to be confused with a polytheist who believes in multiple dieties, an agnostic who neither supports nor rejects the idea of a supreme diety, or an athiest who believes in no dieties. Regarding Digital Shadow who blatantly attacked theism with the pre-concieved notion that the definition of the word is a direct reference to Christianity, and automatically assumed that science has DISPROVED theism, no evidence supports your claims.
Theist: I believe in a supreme diety.
Polytheist: I believe in multiple dieties.
Agnostic: I am indifferent to the idea of one or more dieties.
Atheist: I do not believe in a diety.
Unreasonable Atheist: I often put down theists, and try to use science to my advantage although it doesn't have sufficient evidence against most religions. I also fail to recognize that science cannot PROVE anything, only give reasonably reliable laws. It only takes one fact to end an entire theory/law.
by Maximilleus March 10, 2008
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The atheist equivalent of the word "heretic".

Frequently used as an insult by internet atheists who, lacking a large enough penis, must find other ways to appear adequate.
Person 1: Hello, I am a Hindu/Jew/Christian/etc... person.
Person 1: Actually, I happen to be a published physics professor, so I think science is pretty good.
Person 1: Actually, QM doesn't say that at all. Perhaps you should actually learn what you're talking about before you act like a moron on the internet.
by Dr. Bob! April 25, 2011
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A person who has lost the capacity of clear and rational thought.
Theists have imaginary friends.
by jfdkjsfdhkj December 03, 2008
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1.Someone who has been brainwashed
2.someone who desperatly hangs on to to an old fairytale-like thoery that has been disproven by science and that never reeeally had any proof in the first place
1. "i go to church(i waste my life ,worshiping a glorified imaginary friend)"
2. " yes god DOES Exist ,because it says so in the bible!(I'm insane, i read this fairy story like it's real)"
by Digital Shadow December 05, 2005
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n.a believer in a deity in human form with human prejudices that monitors ones' life events and aspirations and can influence the outcome of events in that persons life depending on the intensity of the relationship with the deity determined by the compliance with edicts of society and the priesthood. Adherents include both monotheists and polytheists, the "Trinity" was invented to bridge these differences.
My theistic god, when I was younger, was Santa then along came the Tooth Fairy, that Grampa told me about. I stole gramps dentures from the glass beside his bed and left him 32 quarters, it doesn't get any better than that.
by Pierce P Cassidy September 03, 2006
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