it means yes to almost everything
Sha'e Is We Goin To The High Game Tonite? "YES GOD"
We Takin A Trip To Atlanta Next Week,"YES GOD"
Is That Dem Holly Grove Boyz? "YeS god"
by FRANKIE-SHARLENE March 4, 2008
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A less offensive way of saying oh my god. Unless of course you're a polytheist or an atheist.
by fizzle April 5, 2004
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Sayori best girl.
The Yes God is very yes. Everything they do and say is yes. I don't know of something more yes. The Yes God is the post powerful person to ever exist. They are a perfect role model.
The Yes God: dickbebebw
Everyone: *Cums.* That was so inspiring!
by ULCP November 12, 2020
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a phrase which is definetly used when a woman is proposed
to for marriage if she accepts that is
tom:will you marry me?

katy:GOD YES!!!

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What one says in exasperation during sexual intercourse right before, and during the climax.
"Mmm you smell good tonight Sherry!"
"Oh Oh God Yes!"
by Skulldrey April 12, 2009
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