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A game similar to the penis game where 2 or more people start a whispering chant of the the word "yes" that gets progressively louder and faster as though they are reaching the climax of their orgasms. The first person to get an awkward stare from a stranger while in public wins.
One of the players gives the other a funny, sexual stare to signal the beginning of the yes game.

Player 1: "...yes"

Player 2: " Yes!"

player 1: "YEEEESSS!!!!!"

Random pedestrian: "Wtf is going on over there?" **walks away embarrassed & confused**
by anonymous986757965 June 10, 2012
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If you are talking to someone who is very persistent and you don't want to talk with, there are a variety of methods to get out of conversation. A cruel yet fun way to do this is the Yes Game.
In the Yes Game, you simply revert to making your answers variations of "yes" and count how long it takes for them to
a) get the hint
b) fail to come up with some arbitrary way to continue the conversation.
c) run out of time and have to leave.
d) Armageddon.
The game is over when the conversation is over, due to any of these endings.

The Base-Rules of the Yes Game:
-Your participation in the conversation must only be variations of one-word agreement to whatever statement they make. No other words may be used. Silence may not be used as an answer.
- The conversation is over when the other person stops talking and/or leaves, permanently. YOU may not take leave once you start playing the game, cheater!
-Your body language has to still be like normal-conversation body language, so occasional eye contact is important. Remember, this is meant to be as subtle as possible.
- Add to these base-rules for maximum entertainment.

Common modifications:
- "Yea or Nay": You use variations of yes or no to keep the conversation going.
- "Random": You say the first word that comes to your mind, rather than any variation of "Yes"
- "Dinosaur": You make dinosaur noises as your response.
Talkative Party: Hey! I saw you at the party the other night!

Un-interested Party: Yeah, I decided to go... *now decides to start playing The Yes Game*

T.P.: Did you like it? Did you see anyone you knew? I saw you, you know.

U-i P: Yeah...

T.P.: Did you like the drinks they had? I got TOTALLY wasted.

U-i P.: (Thinks: "there was only Hawaiian punch...") Mmhm.

T.P.: The music was awesome. Don't you love dancing to that one song, rain sock rock?

U-i P.: Yes.

by AwesomeSauce of the World November 02, 2010
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when your with your bros and you see a girl that you would nail and you say out loud, "yes!"
mike: hey bro how bout her in the black


by ERICFUCKINCHURCH November 29, 2011
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