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A recently discovered illness that can occur when the memes are simply too strong for you. You reach what is called "the memening". Memening inducing websites commonly include uTube, 9geg, 4chen, Urban dictionary and the entire internet.

You may potentially suffer semi-short lasting side-affects which will probs include:

- Shortness of breath
- Confusion of political figureheads particularly on voting day
- Cardiac arrest (not as common but we put it down to avoid being sued by people in case it happens)
- MWS (meme withdrawal symptom)
- A slight to moderate to semi-moderate to strong chesty cough that probs means u also have cancer #DrWebMD
- Death
- Many others...

If you suffer from these side-affects for more than 48 hours you should probs call someone ayy cos it's not good to avoid memes for more than a day at most.

Some of the more major concerns with this illness globally include confusing politicians and voting for the wrong one by accident cos u were high on dank memes at the time and now deeply regret your decision (this is typical of American residents, we don't know why...)

If you are worried for yourself or a loved one currently exhibiting symptoms of this illness, do not hesitate to contact your health care professional immediately but be aware that ambulances may not respond to calls about this illness as they will think you've just dropped 2 meny pingas with the squad at the club last night and r prank calling them for a cheeky giggle.
The day after the 2016 U.S Presidential Election...
Memelord 1: Hey who'd you vote for president?
Memelord 2: I dunno.
Memelord 1: What do you mean you don't know?!
Memelord 2: Well I think I might have caught 'the memening' from some meme you sent me online the other day.
Memelord 1: Oh, yeah that link did look pretty sketchy ayy lmao.

Memelord 2: It's weird how the number of views that post got was the exact number of Trump voters...
Memelord 1: Well fuck.
by MayMayMaster69 January 20, 2017
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