A common phrase spoken by extra terrestrials, the only phrase that does or ever will matter and could mean anything.
alien 1: ayy lmao
alien 1: *rips bong*
alien 2: ayy lmao
by keaganslover February 9, 2014
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A phrase that began on Tumblr as a caption for any picture of an extraterrestrial, ostensibly because that is the only thing an extraterrestrial ever says. Since its Tumblr beginnings it has come to be used when referencing any unattractive female, particularly one so hideous as to resemble an extraterrestrial herself.
Rupert: Did you see the girl I was with last night?
Dave: Ayy lmao!
Rupert: Dude, she wasn't <i>that</i> ugly.
by Levontaun February 11, 2015
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a funny meme that is commonly used when something funny is said.
"you suck"
"ayy lmao"
by dyle :0 March 30, 2017
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Ayy lmao.
Alien: Ayy lmao.
Another alien: Ayy lmao. x2
by Ayy lmao. April 5, 2015
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Aliens, Extra-terrestrial beings. Comes from the phrase, Ayy Lmao, popular with ETs.
Guy 1: You going to area 51?
Guy 2: Yeah, I want to see all those Ayy Lmaos.
by Area51DoesntExist July 25, 2019
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A conversation filler which most times suggests a hypothetical sexual innuendo or anything risque. It is not meant to be understood or even have to do with the subject whatsoever.
person 1: {conversation}
person 2: ayy lmao
person 1: what
by ayy lmao October 15, 2013
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