The best way to describe them is to take about 5 keyboards and synthesizers, 2 guitars, a drummer and a bassist and play till your arms fall off, then when mixing edit it to twice as fast.
The Locust are a fucking awesome band and have saved hardcore music from pathetic attempts by Slipknot, Korn and others.
by Corb August 29, 2004
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A fucking incredible band.

If you don't get it, then stop listening to country music.
the locust are a fucking incredible band.
by cracker jones July 21, 2004
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A band from San Deigo that is very hard to describe. They really are a love em or hate em kinda group. They are more artinst than anything. Many say they are hardcore punks. Their music to be a is a train wreck. Discustingly beautiful. Just go listen to em.
Train wreck.Beautifuly discustng. Explosion.
by Scott March 23, 2005
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A noisecore band from San Diego that is often mistaken for grindcore. Their sound is unique, and is known for being synth-heavy, fast-paced, and challenging. Many of the band members are in side projects such as Holy Molar, Cattle Decapitation, and Some Girls.
by sisco July 27, 2006
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A swarm of people who apparently love everything and anything that you or your group of friends may love. A social plague of people that copy ideals and interests from those around them. They will swarm aound it and feed off of it until the thing you like will begin to dissatisfy you due to the locust plague. Locusts disguise themselves very well so be aware of their actions.

Locusts are a growing menace everywhere and anywhere they are the noobs of society. hide any interests in things because they will swarm
Locusts can consist from any number of things. They can be groups of people that attempt to make something cool by sending in swarms of its kind to influence others to believe that it may be cool. Locusts can even be girls who pretend to know how to play video games like call of duty or any other type of shooter but nonetheless do it out of desperation.

Ex: Guy " i just got finished beasting on codmw2"

Girl Responds " omg i love call of duty"
by Grave_X December 10, 2010
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The Locust is the enemy that you must defeat in the new Microsoft's game Gears of War for Xbox 360.
Dude1: Hey look! that Locust is coming right to you!
Dude2: No problem, I've got my shotgun right here.
Dude1: Hahaha! it's head disappeared!
by Vulcan Blast January 5, 2007
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Used to label Mainland Chinese in a foreign country that will abuse benefits and disregard local customs. They abuse loopholes in systems and give nothing back to the community they are in. Once the place is drained of its resources they will flock to another place and restart the process, just like the insect.
I was just at the pharmacy the other day and saw a sign in Chinese "Please respect others, only 2 cans of milk powder per person", gosh they're a bunch of locusts
by extasy1988 February 8, 2013
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