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george washington - "martha, what did i tell you about using free will ?! now get back in the kitchen and make me some pie."

martha washinton- "okay."
by buenosnachos February 14, 2009
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Where women DON'T belong, because news flash! Women can have talents, skills, and abilities JUST LIKE MEN FUCKING DO, and deserve to use them to pursue careers. What they DON'T deserve to have to do is stay at home and do useless shit like cooking and cleaning while men actually get to live their life. Just because women are physically weaker doesn't mean that they are more dumb. In fact, while men have 3% more brain nutrients, women have 20% more grey matter, which IN FACT balances out their intelligence levels to about equal.
Random Hobo: Women are useless in every way they should just go back to the kitchen

Me: Then, tell me, why the hell are there women who work hard and are more successful than you'll ever be?
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by 123fortandbree May 07, 2019
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The trap house. The location, usually in low-class neighborhoods, where drugs are sold and used. Rappers often use this term to describe their come-up
β€œain’t need the kitchen, i got rich on my own”
by Donkey Dick Daryl September 18, 2019
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