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1. your closest life long buds, best friends
2. guys who often moon from a moving blue olds dating back to the mid-80's.
3. TP, huevos and Desirees house
4. Mike H., Mike I., Mike G., Marc, Sean, Troy and Rich.
Mom, I'm chillin with the fellas tonight so I need some cash, eggs and TP if that is cool.
by Bud E Love May 14, 2003
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An elite organization of individuals with extraordinary abilities. The Fellas are an east coast based organization and should the need arise, may rise and protect the world. Currently there are 6 core members with other, partial members of the organization. The deep lore and universe of the Fellas is sure to make great literature or a possible anime.
Hey is that Papa P from the fellas?
Why yes, yes it is
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by The real Papa P December 09, 2019
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