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When you're fucking a girl from behind, you tell her you're going to cum and instead spit on her back, and when she turns around you cum on a dove and throw it in her face, while pyrotechnics go off in the background.
I wanted to do the Criss Angel to my fiance on our honey moon, but no pet shop would sell me the doves I needed to do it.
by Stonedashades September 20, 2013
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A sex move in which one person holds their hand in a jerking position while the other levitates to insert his dick into the open hand, continuing to levitate up and down to jerk himself off.
David and his gay lover, Mike, wanted to try something new in the bedroom. David then taught himself to levitate so they could try The Criss Angel
by Mattisthegayest1717 September 19, 2018
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