A man who is at least 30 years old or maybe over the age of 35 at the very oldest but not old enough to be seen as an by elderly or an old man, especially by most young people around today in 2021.
A man is 36 years old.Today’s teenagers and young adults who don’t see Rick as a feeble demented old man most likely consider Rick a middle aged man on the verge of being “old”.
by Subtropical 1021 November 9, 2021
a person with no life, a shitty job, and is a drunk
That gut looks like a middle aged man.
by lifestyle_thot February 25, 2018
A coach, team owner, athletic director or public official who publicly excuses , colludes or conceals the illegal activities of an athlete/s for financial or professional gain to the detriment of wider society.

They can usually be found in newspaper and TV puff pieces defending the athlete with proclamations of "He did a bad thing and he regrets it , but he's good now."
Person 1 : "Did you see the news? The running back of (Insert sports team) just got arrested for breaking some guys face because he cut him up in traffic.
Person 2: Ahhh shit there goes our season he is going to have to go to jail.
Person 1: Nah his silver haired middle aged white man will be on the phone to the sheriffs office getting that shit squashed.
by ?fruit March 31, 2017