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When a person who is angry most of the time and have a hard to pronounce or remember name they are called "Angry Daven". The term may be Australian.
"He is an Angry Daven."
"Im not an Angry Daven!"
"Hey Angry Daven, whats your real name?"
by J ackalope February 5, 2008
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An object that makes you happy.
"My new car is a toy."
"This can of soda is a toy."
"I should buy all of Doctor Phineas Steels toys."
by J ackalope February 7, 2008
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An effect presented by mentalist Dave koenig (AKA Slim King) involing Remote Viewing from any distance.
Slim has ROSHAMBOed people from all around the world, like Australia, Kenya, even India!
Slim can Roshambo on the internet or even the phone.
"You will be ROSHAMBOed!"
by J ackalope February 6, 2008
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Gooble Goble is chanted when a group of freaks make a norn "one of them", such as when a norm gets married to a freak. Comes from the movie 'Freaks'.
The term has been used in South park and Doctor Phineas Steel song 'Donkey Town'.
"Gooble Goble, Gooble Goble, One of us! One of us!" - Freaks
"You will be on of us! Gooble Goble, Gooble Goble!" - Doctor Steel
by J ackalope February 7, 2008
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Someone who attempts to "expose" an entertainer on live TV, and fails. Like Criss Angel on NBC Phenomenon when he insulted Paranormalist Jim Callahan, Jim replied "I find you an Ideological Bigot."
"Criss Angel is such an Ideological Bigot."
"I find you an Ideological Bigot."
by J ackalope January 22, 2008
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Someone really bad at kung fu and karate.
Oposite of bruce Lee.
"That kids a butt lee!"
"toughen up, Butt Lee" (punch)
"Hey everybody its Butt Lee!"
by J ackalope June 22, 2008
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Middle aged man who dresses as a goth kid and is an ideological Bigot.
"Who is Criss Angel?"
by J ackalope February 5, 2008
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