a group of two trill ass niggaz and a craazy ass white boy at the university of oklahoma. They formed the I.B.Y.A. and pimp plenty of bitches for fun. they also go too hard.The Truth, Halfway and Choas is there names.(real names are inclosed for personal reasons)BING!
by dat nigga bran p October 15, 2003
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A group of young Danish boys, who have created cult movies such as "Osnabrück on fire am Main", "Cykeldima i Ukraine" and "Reklamer". The group consists of five members: Erik, Mads, Niels and Jeppe. Also, the group has a prospect, Lasse. A mentor for the group is their retired high school teacher Pete Simmons. For further info (in Danish) see www.mocca-crew.dk
Boy: Did you hear that new remix of lanciers? It's banging
Girl: I reckon it is done by Rams of M0cc@ Cr3W
by Max Pwnage October 1, 2006
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Made history for all bboy crews August 21,2008 at 9:51 ct by be coming America's best dance crew
Super Cr3w is super!
by bboysikeo August 22, 2008
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a hip-hop crew that lives in clarksburg maryland, they consist of many styles of dance such as: Wave, Krump, Pop, Break, And Jerk.
Originator; B-Boy Korn
Follow Them On Twitter @NewMotionCr3w

ayee New Motion Cr3w killed that cypher
by bboy korn January 20, 2011
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The most badass bitches you've ever met.
Man, I wish I was part of the cr3w
by Fusionsuons December 27, 2013
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