A small town is southern Ohio close to absolutley nothing of importance. It consists of exactly one traffic light, one bank, and has a local auction every Saturday night. It is known for having beer drinking hicks and hillbillys.
Do you wanna go to Clarksburg and get drunk at the auction on Saturaday Nght?
by Allie Ater October 15, 2008
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An up and coming city in upper Montgomery County, MD that is supposed to have numerous shopping centers when the developers stop crapping around. Right now it's a whole lotta' nothing. A mix of preppy, rich upper class white and asian folk, middle class rednecks, and a smattering of Section 8/Housing Voucher peeps. Overrun with young families with snotty babies.
Lets get a pizza delivered to our house in Clarksburg, MD. Oh yeah, nobody delivers here and there's nowhere to go except shitty Germantown or redneck Damascus. Looks like we're going to Rockville or Bethesda again for food
by sparklesmomma May 15, 2009
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1. A small city in north central West Virginia where the social life of most young adults revolve around an infinite list of local bands.

2. County seat of Harrison County.
Man, I went to another crappy show with a metalcore band from Clarksburg, WV.
by Tara Taylor April 08, 2006
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Blink your eye and you will miss it. No traffic light. Delta Saints territory, be very aware. Farming,fishing and perhaps some wine making or tasting. Quite quaint and relaxing. Like taking a refreshing step back in time.
I drove down the Sacramento River today past Clarksburg, CA.
by SacRiverSite May 04, 2011
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Clarksburg, WV is the place for drugs, a lot of people call it Cracksburg, almost every stundent in every high school has a juul or some drug on them during the day. Also there is almost nothing to there :)
Welcome to the city of drugs, Clarksburg, WV
by UWU OWO RAWR XD January 20, 2019
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A big and shitty high school located in Clarksburg, Maryland. It is also know as Cranksburg and home to famous brown boys. Not only is the school shitty on the outside but it’s also shitty in the inside. Clarksburg offers many opportunities for young adults. For example, the football team. Even tho they get raped by Damascus and Quince Orchard every year they still attempt to score a touchdown. Clarksburg is home to many druggies and home to kids who like fighting the security guards during lunch. They have no partys happening, or there are small hangouts. Overall, the school is dry.
Eww, you go to Clarksburg?”
“Aye my cousin goes there.”

“Yo you go to Clarksburg High School that’s wack
by Bigpapi202 December 02, 2019
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