Infamous album by rapper Dr. Dre, which started the gangster rap era and has revolutionized that genre of music. The Chronic has some of the phattest beats ever created and those who have listened to it are blown away
by snorgle October 23, 2003
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Didn't start the Gangsta era, that was back with N.W.A. It did however revolutionize gangsta rap with its melodic, three dimensional beats. Before that a repetitive loop was used for a beat. Released in 1992 by Dr. Dre following his breakup with N.W.A.
Shit, playin' The Chronic just makes me wanna go to da hood and pump my hydrolics.
by T-Unit January 31, 2005
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The Chronic is the debut solo studio album by American hip hop recording artist Dr. Dre, released December 15, 1992, on his own record label Death Row Records, and distributed by Priority Records.
1 The Chronic (intro) 1:58
2 Fuck Wit Dre Day (And Everybody's Celebratin') 2:34
3 Let Me Ride 4:21
4 The Day the Niggaz Took Over 4:33
5 Nuthin' But a G Thang
by sadditty February 19, 2014
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The Chronic litarally means.

One who has faith in weed,
a person totally committed to the glorious cannabis plant,
The best thing possible,
a Dre dre album,
A person who smokes weed from the minute they wake up in the mornin and every minute of the day untill there last pipe before they go to sleep at nite...

Example: Weed is the only thing in life i believe in.
Example: Hey lod have you got The chronic am needing a smoke?
Example: Hey lad your new 20" Chrome alloys are the chronic!
by dark_lotus2002 March 28, 2008
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sexy, awesome, 1337, huge cock, ladies love him
I walked down a hallway and all these hot ladies wanted the-chronic.
by =o January 27, 2004
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