When something a person does or says is so stupid or embarassing but they don't realize it that it gives you the chills.
Victim: Damn, I just got the chills.
by Ron Wellenheimer September 24, 2006
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A place in tranent, which is called the huke, it’s in the woods (a dodgy place) where people often go to get drugs or teens go to drink.
Person 1-“What’s the plans for the night, u got a house?”

Person 2-“Nah naebodies able to get a gaff so lets just head tae the chill
Person3-“Aye mate it’ll be class, we can get steaming”
by What.a.gal November 20, 2018
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"The Chill" is a popular trend in which one wishes to take on a hippie-esque lifestyle and become "one with nature," write poetry, help starving children in africa, not shower, wear long flowy skirts, smoke much marijuana, and be inspirational.

Also Known As: Fake Chill
I am the chill because I eat hummus and write poetry while I sit under trees.
by Lauren, Alisa, Carrie November 26, 2005
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