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a mysterious place of great parties at Michigan State University. Located close to campus, they have thrown some killer parties since founded in 2008. If you are fortunate enough to know any of the HOG guys, you probably have a nickname. They make it a tradition to throw fun, safe, and usually out of control parties for the students of MSU. The house itself is a wonderous one. 6 staircases, 2 separate basements, and a staircase to the roof. You can usually find the HOG participating in some sort of party, any given day of the week.The founders are Dirty, Snuggles, Boozer, Chewy, KRAL, Garbage, Monk, Wibs, Epic, and Dr. Drej. honorary members are Juggs, Trunk, Shooter, Olga, E-Rex, and Ms. Swan. Also known as the House of Glee.
Freshman 1: Hey man, do you want to go out to that delta chi party this friday?

Freshman 2: and go hook up with some ugly slut? No fuckin way! I'm goin to the HOG to hook up with some hotties, they always throw the sickest parties. and have a ton of tail runnin around.

Freshman 1: I'm down.
by D1rty B3ar July 08, 2009
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A familiar term for a remarkably large penis, usually used to express a respect for its size, or a deep-rooted desire to gobble it.
Example 1:
Mark: "Ya know man I gotta say, the hog looks good! I mean DAMN good. Heavy-hitting as of late?"
John: "Ha! Thanks dude. Yeah, you know the hog, he's just always putting his nose where it don't belong."
Example 2:
Brooke: "Ho. Ly. Fuck. I forgot to ask. Did you see John at the game yesterday?"
Vanessa: "Uhhm no. He was wearing like, really tight joggers and my eyes literally never left the hog."
by boringoldorange January 04, 2018
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