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1. The 37 is a long con/underground trafficking scheme based on the underground railroad. It's used to describe sex rings that go all the way to Western Siberia. It was founded in 1937, hence the name. The 37 has also been connected to drugs and Asian Carp distribution.

2. During WW2, The 37 funded a small revolt of Siberian snow farmers attackingthe Soviet government, and, the force, armed with black powder revolvers, attacked a Soviet hunting lodge where 3 soldiers were taking a vacation. The soldiers opened fire, and half of the force of 15 were killed. The rest were moved to Ukraine, forced to farm wheat, and eventually executed by the invading Nazis. These were called the Executions of 37.

3. Today, The 37 is now, like many numbers, a sex position. It is preformed usuually by the female, either with a sex toy, or a phallic shaped item, examples being cucumbers, carrots, etc. The female puts the object near her partners face, and the partner then swiftly takes the object and insert it into her. The origins no doubt take inspiration from Nazi executions.
Definition 1
Guy 1 - Hey dude, I'm doing a report on The 37.
Guy 2 - What the fuck is a 37?

Definition 2
Guy 1 - Have you heard about the Executions of 37?
Girl 1 - No, I don't think I have.
Guy 1 - It's an event in WW2 when Nazis executed captured Siberian snow farmers in Ukraine because their logo looked too similar to the SS logo.

Definition 3

Guy 1 - My mom and I 37'd so hard last night!
Guy 2 - No way! What did you use?
Guy 1 - My 10 year old sister's recorder, it worked so well!
by Slayer Of Socialists December 21, 2016
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